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CryptoGems Telegram Price Bot

Supported Chain Symbol
How to setup?
Step 1
You need to be CREATOR of the Telegram group.
Step 3
(Optional) If you want to allow group admins to configure the bot insert
/radmin all
Step 4
(Optional) Register to get free advertisement points by calling
/raddress <Your Address>
You will receive free advertisement GEM points for the traffic received from your group at a 1:3 Ratio.


/raddress 0x328F011f66619b5548466F9C89DA0664981247E8
Step 5
(Optional) Get Reference ID and use it along with the CryptoGems Pair and Token Links to earn free GEMS for the traffic that comes from it at a 1:3 Ratio. Call
command to get your ID.
You can share this link on social media or set it as some custom bot DEX Chart Link.

Example link formats, replace the refid and address with yours.

Step 6
Config the bot for your token by calling
/rpair <Contract Address> <Network Symbol>


/rpair 0x7efaef62fddcca950418312c6c91aef321375a00 bsc
/rpair 0x7ee74e51d41c610df3030dc424744f31643b720b one
Check below
command for more details.
Step 7
Setup default blockchain by calling
/rchain <Network Symbol>


/rchain bsc
/rchain one
Step 8
It's all done! Telegram group members can call the bot with
or command to check market price.
Check below
command for more examples, if admin didn't set default pair.

For more options check below Public and Admin Commands.

Public Commands
Provides link to the bot command page.

/price <Pair Address or Index Number> <Chain Symbol>

Pair Address (Required if Admin not registered any default Pair Address) -> Provide DEX Pair Address.Index Number (Optional once Admin Registered Default Pair Address) -> Provide Index Number, Which can be fetched using /pairlist command.Chain Symbol (Optional, the default chain is bsc) -> Provide the chain symbol, which can be fetched using /chainlist command.


/price 0x16b9a82891338f9ba80e2d6970fdda79d1eb0dae
/price 0x16b9a82891338f9ba80e2d6970fdda79d1eb0dae bsc
/price 2
/price 1 one
Provides the list of pairs for each chain which is registered by admin.
Provides the list of chain symbol which is supported by CryptoGems.
Provides the default chain which is registered by admin.
Admin Commands
Pair Address -> Provide the list of pair address seperated by comma without space.Chain Symbol (Optional) -> Provide the chain symbol where the pairs need to be registered, the default chain is bsc if not provided.


/rpair 0x16b9a82891338f9ba80e2d6970fdda79d1eb0dae
/rpair 0x16b9a82891338f9ba80e2d6970fdda79d1eb0dae,0x58f876857a02d6762e0101bb5c46a8c1ed44dc16
/rpair 0x16b9a82891338f9ba80e2d6970fdda79d1eb0dae,0x58f876857a02d6762e0101bb5c46a8c1ed44dc16 bsc
/rpair 0x16b9a82891338f9ba80e2d6970fdda79d1eb0dae,0x58f876857a02d6762e0101bb5c46a8c1ed44dc16,0xb4ec801aed8c92f2e69589518aaa127afb37d8c9
/rpair 0x16b9a82891338f9ba80e2d6970fdda79d1eb0dae one
Ethereum Address (Required) -> Provide any valid ethereum address to participate in the advertisement program, where you get free GEMS for the traffic received from your group at 1:3 Ratio.


/raddress 0x16b9a82891338f9ba80e2d6970fdda79d1eb0dae
Displays your reference Id, which can be used in other bots to receive free advertisement credits for the traffic comes through it.
all -> Allows all admins to make modification to the bot.creator -> Only the group creator is allowed to make modification, default creator is allowed.


/radmin all
/radmin creator
Chain Symbol (Required) -> Provide the chain symbol where all request will be made, the default chain is bsc.
all (Required) -> Remove all pairs from all chains.Chain Symbol (Required) -> Provide the chain symbol to remove pairs related to it.


/removeallpair all
/removeallpair bsc
Provides the default admin info who can make modification to the bot.